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Cellulite is known as an unwanted effect that appears as uneven and lumpy skin particularly on the thighs, buttocks and hips. Also known as the orange-peel effect, cellulite is cause mainly by the pulling down of the skin overlying certain areas of fat into deeper tissues by connective tissue bands. Known to affect the majority of women and a portion of the male population, Clinique Del Mar has devised the perfect combative plan.

This Protocol Includes:


Endermology (MEDICOONE) (Optional)

Special rollers that help the body stimulate collagen and elastin, thus reducing cellulite by activating the natural drainage process of fat tissue and skin.

Sessions: 10



Radiofrequency Laser

An ideal non-surgical skin tightening solution that can be used to help skin regain firmness, plumpness and tone that is typically lost with age.

Sessions: 10

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Anti-Cellulite Mesotherapy

Combat unwanted skin dimples with the countless benefits of mesotherapy.

Sessions: 10


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