Duration: 4 months Duration 4 months
Season: All year round Season All year round
Price: Upon request Price Upon request
Flabby Arms
Flabby arms, otherwise known as “bingo wings”, are a particularly unappealing look that usually stems from excessive weight loss, a lack of exercise, diet or genes. Clinique Del Mar has brought forth a highly effective protocol that helps break down fat deposits and restore skin tightness for a more slim and toned final result.

This Protocol Includes:


Radiofrequency Laser

An ideal non-surgical skin tightening solution that can be used to help skin regain firmness, plumpness and tone that is typically lost with age.

Sessions: 10

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CO2 Laser (Non-ablative)

A unique and highly advanced non-surgical rejuvenation solution that yields complete skin rejuvenation whilst restoring tightness.

Sessions: 6





The EMSCULPT treatment is a procedure that allows for both muscle building and fat burning through neuromuscular stimulation that also increases blood flow.
Sessions: 4


Radiesse Fillers (OPTIONAL)

Injectable fillers are used for more than just their wrinkle-filling properties. In this case, we use them for their countless skin tightening attributes.

Injections: 4



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