Duration: 3 months Duration 3 months
Season: Summer Season Summer
Price: Upon request Price Upon request
Hand Spots & Wrinkles (Summer)
After a certain age, you will begin to notice the signs of aging taking their toll on your hands as well. The reason is that the hands are one of those highly exposed skin surface areas that are more susceptible to the aging process. We now offer a specially formulated Hand Spot & Wrinkles protocol that can be applied in the summer season, and effectively rid your skin of age spots.

This Protocol Includes:


Kleresca® Transformation Facial

Boasting to work as a non-invasive treatment, Kleresca® prides in gently healing the skin for therapeutic and aesthetic conditions.

Sessions: 3


CO2 Laser (Non-ablative)

A unique and highly advanced non-surgical rejuvenation solution that yields complete skin rejuvenation whilst restoring tightness.

Sessions: 6




Radiesse Fillers (OPTIONAL)

Injectable fillers are used for more than just their wrinkle-filling properties. In this case we use them for their countless skin tightening attributes.

Injections: 2



Tailor-made serums from Universkin’s revolutionary skincare solutions that introduce formulas that can be made-to-measure so as to meet your unique skin needs.

Duration: 3 months




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