Plastic surgery
6 Pack Abs Liposuction
Achieve the ripped abdominals you have always wanted with this next level liposuction technique.

Treatment Analysis

The 6 Pack Abs Liposuction procedure, also known in the medical world as abdominal etching, is particularly geared to men who wish to reshape and contour their abdominals so as to create the much-desired washboard abs. 

The procedure involves the removal of excess fat via specialized liposuction that accentuates and defines abdominal muscles in a manner that makes them resemble a six-pack. The athletic contour is achieved via the reshaping of the abdominal muscles using a special cannula.


Patient Psychology

This treatment is ideal for men who have struggled with dieting and excessive exercise regimes in order to achieve washboard abs, with little to no success due to stubborn fat tissue. The results of this specialized technique is tighter, firmer skin and the appearance of ripped abdominals.

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