Plastic surgery
Breast Enlargement Combo (Lipomodelling)
A combination treatment of mammary prosthesis and lipofilling ideal for smaller bust patients.

Treatment Analysis

The Breast Enlargement Combo makes use of the mammary prosthesis (implant) procedure in combination with the lipofilling treatment so as to ensure a patient achieves their desired results.

With a single cut incision in the areola, under the breast or under the arm, the surgeon is able to create a pocket either in front or behind the chest wall. The silicone implant of your choice is inserted in that pocket to yield the boost and reshaping that you desire.

Lipofilling is then introduced – which involves the transferring of fat from a donor site (e.g. abdomen or thighs) into the breasts so as to add volume in a more natural way and correct and asymmetry.


Patient Psychology

When it comes to breast enlargement, patients with a small bust and narrow thorax are the ones that are typically recommended to undergo this solution as it will help reduce or eliminate the chances of having sponge-like, visible implants due to a lack of chest tissue.

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