Plastic surgery
Breast Reduction (Traditional Method)
A reconstructive surgical procedure to treat severely ptotic & big breasts.

Treatment Analysis

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a popular procedure concerning the removal of excess fat, tissue and skin from the breasts.

Conducted for aesthetic, reconstructive or physical purposes, this procedure is typically done either with a lollipop incision or what is known as an inverted-T skin incision for heavier breasts.

The lollipop incision involves the removal of excess skin from around the nipple followed by the partial or the entire removal of the glad below the nipple. These two incision sites resemble a lollipop – hence its nickname. Aside from less scarring, this technique allows for the reshaping and lifting of the breasts into a perkier position.

The inverted-T skin incision on the other hand is the most traditional method and is particularly successful in treating severely ptotic breasts. Its only difference from the lollipop technique is that it also requires an additional horizontal incision under the breasts. The general consensus is that patients should not jeopardize breast shape simply because they want to reduce scarring.

In the case of teenagers the doctor will use the horizontal scarring method to achieve the desired results.


Patient Psychology

Women with large and ptotic breasts tend to experience countless problems in their everyday lives; from aesthetic problems of self-image, to practical problems such as not being able to engage in physical activities. Therefore, undergoing a breast reduction treatment can completely change a person’s life as they will not only look better with more self-confidence, but also feel better as it will reduce neck and back pains that were holding them back.

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