Plastic surgery
Eyebrow Thread Lift
The ideal solution for heavy lids in need of tightening and rejuvenation.

Treatment Analysis

Eyebrow thread lifts are an easy, minimally invasive solution to treat droopy lids and eyebrows. The operation makes use of absorbable or permanent threads that are inserted within the skin. These sutures pull and anchor the skin to a specific position and once they dissolve the skin will have been lifted and healed into its new position.

The core differences of the threads are that a) Absorbable threads are absorbed by the body and last up to a year and b) Permanent threads have stronger effects and last up to 5 years.

Both options however are procedures that can be done with just local anesthesia at the office, with the latter treatment also working as a complement to a face-lift.

The most appropriate thread solution will be discussed upon consultation.


Patient Psychology

If you are still not at that point in your life where you need a full face or mini lift, and you just want to focus on the eye area, then this I the treatment for you. With minimal down time, this solution will yield instant rejuvenation.

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