Plastic surgery
Mid-Face Thread Lift
Reshapes and treats sagging cheekbones along with lifting and rejuvenating effects.

Treatment Analysis

Threads (also known as sutures) are typically used by medical practitioners on patients with facial sagging and laxity. They offer additional benefits that volumizing products cannot achieve, in the sense that they can lift and restructure a patient’s face by repositioning the skin and allowing it to maintain its position.

There are two types of thread options available a) Absorbable threads with results that last up to a year and b) permanent threads with results that last up to 5 years. Both options however are procedures that can be done with just local anesthesia at the office, with the latter treatment also working as a complement to a face-lift.

The most appropriate thread solution will be discussed upon consultation.


Patient Psychology

This treatment is ideal for patients who are not ready or in need to take the plunge for an entire facelift, and only wish to achieve the desired results in the mid-face area.

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