Plastic surgery
Mini Abdominoplasty
A modified version of a full tummy tuck, for a slimmer silhouette.

Treatment Analysis

Most commonly known as a Tummy Tuck, this treatment is designed to combat stubborn areas of stretched and sagging skin as well as lower belly fat. By making use of a modified version of a Tummy Tuck, the surgeon is able to remove excess, saggy skin so as to restore a flatter and slimmer figure. In certain cases the doctor is also able to tighten certain abdominal muscles.


Patient Psychology

This treatment is typically conducted on patients who are not at a crossroad when it comes to deciding whether they need a full abdominoplasty or a mini abdominoplasty, as it is clear that they only have a small area of abdominal fat and sagging skin that is persistent to weightloss efforts. Instead such individuals will turn to a mini tummy tuck so as to regain a slimmer silhouette and re-instill confidence when it comes to wearing bathing suits and tight clothes.

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