Invasive treatment: Yes Invasive treatment Yes
Pain: No pain Pain No pain
Duration: 60mins Duration 60mins
Downtime: 3 days Downtime 3 days
Final results: Immediate results Final results Immediate results
Results last : up to 5 years Results last up to 5 years
Price: 4500euros Price 4500euros
Thread Lift
The answer for ongoing and progressive rejuvenation of the skin with instant tightening and lifting results.

Treatment Analysis

Thread Lifts are procedures that make use of non-absorbable sutures that are inserted within the deeper layers of the subcutaneous of the skin to yield subtle yet instant lifting results on the skin.

In comparison to a SMART Thread Lift, this procedure makes use of stronger threads that allow for a more efficient treatment of sagging skin.

Without the use of surgery, your doctor is able to lift and pull back the skin to create natural-looking rejuvenation. 


Patient Psychology

This non-surgical solution is ideal for patients who want to achieve instant, visible and natural lifting and tightening results and are willing to sacrifice some downtime for the benefits of such a procedure.

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